Thursday, May 21, 2009

Women's Empowerment Series: Blogging Forum

Yesterday, I was honored to be a guest speaker at the Women's Empowerment (WE) Series in Ridgewood, NJ. This powerful program sets out to nurture the creative, contemplative nature of women through on-going conversation. It's for women "who yearn for a slice of urban intellect in the wilds of suburbia." And yes, it is wild.

I was joined by two highly successful, accomplished bloggers. Deborah Smith is the owner and editor of, a blog dedicated to recipes and restaurants in the Garden State. Deborah is "on a quest for food with attitude," the mark of a true Jersey girl! She is also the creator of "Blogging Out Hunger," a campaign which raised money and awareness on behalf of the Community Foodbank of New Jersey this past December. Deborah is a long-time online business owner of, servicing families who are searching for full time in-home childcare.

Jen Singer, creator of, has been successfully blogging since 2003, and has since appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times, Parents, and Real Simple. Jen has also appeared on dozens of television and radio programs, such as ABC's World News Now and CBS The Early Show. Jen's new book, Stop Second Guessing Yourself-- The Toddler Years, just hit bookshelves in April, and is the first in a series of MommaSaid parenting advice books.

Are you looking for my list of accolades? Stop looking. You won't find them here. I was the voice of the new blogger on the block. As some of you know from my post If You Build It, They Will Come, I have always wanted to be a "real" writer. Yesterday, I met so many women like me, itching to come out of their writer's notebooks, but fearful of taking the plunge. I hear you! The blogosphere is another world with its own language and set of rules, and when you make the leap, you have to know who YOU are.

Each morning, I wake up knowing that I have the power to write something that will resonate with other moms.  So here I am, happily suburban, with my Mac and my thoughts.  My blog is a lot like me, a work in progress.  


DinnerWithLove said...

I'm so proud of you! Well done and well stated :)

Mark said...

Lovely. Hanging out with other moms is one of the best ways to hold lunacy at least at arms length! Going public, if it doesn't send stress levels over the top, is even better.

Allison said...

Kudos to you!!!! Wow, you have been off to a great start! And to think you were hesitant to start this thing. I have been on almost triple the time you have and still haven't done a giveaway. I want to just haven't gotten the courage to write the companies to ask!

I am glad your dreams are starting to come true with this writing thing. Your writing is so eloquent and honest and humble! I enjoy reading each time you post. It always gives me a different perspective to think about, even for this seasoned mom!

Courtney said...

awesome. congrats!

Sarah Morris said...

MJ- i'm just catching up after a crazy weekend of travel! i didn't know about this amazing opportunity for you- i'm so proud, awe-struck and happy for you. you are such a strong mama, friend, sister and support. keep it up!! :)

Anonymous said...

so proud of you!!

Palymama said...

So, I'm curious, what did you say? As a fairly new blogger myself,I'm always trying to connect with more experienced bloggers to "learn". Did you learn anything while there? That you can pass along? Very cool you were invited to speak.