Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I've Got Rhythm Stix, I've Got Music

My daughter LOVES music. I mean, really loves it. During her infancy, we spent hours bouncing and twirling across the kitchen floor, dancing to everything and anything. Except classical. Take that, Baby Einstein!

Now, whenever Liza hears music, the world stops. A smile stretches across her face as she bops her head and bends up and down at the knees. It's her own little jig, and it's seriously adorable (and future blackmail material).

Sometimes she adds shakers or tambourine to the combo, but more often it's Rhythm Stix. Two red sticks. That's it. Oh wait, they have ridges. Fancy, huh? But I've gotta be honest; they were the best $8 I spent on gifts last Christmas. Who needs all of that plastic Fisher Price c-r-a-p anyway?

Liza's learned to "Shake your sticks up HIGH, and down LOW" (imagine my voice rising and falling here). We've used them to keep the beat, follow directions, develop coordination, and identify body parts; it's much more fun to point to your nose with a big red stick.

We moms need to keep things fresh and exciting, in part to keep ourselves sane. LP RythMix has some cool instruments and music activities for little ones at various stages. There are even Mommy & Me activities.

When, as a mom, I'm grasping for straws, I turn to sticks instead: "I've got rhythm stix, I've got music . . .who could ask for anything more?"


Vered - MomGrind said...

Your daughter is adorable. I love her colorful sweater. :)

Christine said...

How adorable! I, too am a big fan of musical play and even though my children are teen and tween now, we still do it. Now however, it's a little bit harder rock than I ever listened to, but my 11 year old will still listen to what I like. =)

Tina said...

my son is very into music as well. we have been taking "music together" classes and i just wanted to recommend them if you have them in your area and can afford them.
they seriously are AWESOME! and i'm super picky about classes.