Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chocolate Cake . . .for Breakfast?

Yesterday, we were invited to a BBQ, so I decided to make homemade brownies from The Bride and Groom's First Cookbook. (Eight years later, and I'm just getting around to using it.) The recipe sounded heavenly. Chocolate, LOTS of chocolate. Walnuts. Sugar. More chocolate.

But Martha is not my middle name.

When I tried to remove them from the pan, they started to crumble. Not gooey enough? Who knows. I was so annoyed. I should have stuck with Betty Crocker. But Noooo . . .I needed to be all fancy.

About an hour later, while slumped in the car with my brownie debacle, I started cracking up. Until I was virtually incoherent.

"Do you remember that Cosby Show episode (gasp) where Cliff (gasp) makes the kids chocolate cake (gasp) for breakfast?"

"No. I don't remember that one."

"You know, the one where the dad gives the kids chocolate cake and tries to justify it by saying that it has eggs, milk, and wheat."

You can't force someone to remember something they haven't experienced. So here's Cosby's stand-up routine that gave rise to the hysterical Season 3 episode:

I love that he says "we had a ball until SHE came." Notice how we moms are always the bad guy, the SHE, the one having the "conniption." Remember all of the hairy conniptions your mom had in the 80's?

This memory came at the perfect time. I needed something to lighten up my pity party. I came to the conclusion that if my brownies didn't go over well, we could eat them for breakfast. My husband and me. Don't tell my daughter; I am one of those SHE moms. I don't want to meddle with this honorable title.


DinnerWithLove said...

Oh my gosh, HILARIOUS!

Amy Leigh said...

A classic, MJ! I will always remember this routine. And don't think I've never eaten cake, or brownies for that matter, for breakfast! Anytime you want to have a "dessert breakfast" companion, call me!!

Love, Ames

Jessica said...

I am totally a SHE mom. Do as I say, not as I do. Hilarious!

Elizabeth said...

This cracked me up - I totally remember that episode! I think I asked my mom if I could have cake for breakfast for like a week thereafter!

Felicia said...

LOL!!! I do remember that episode! Thanks for this post. I was reminded today of how we just need to let go a little as moms .. as my 2 year old son decided it would be great fun to run naked through the mud puddles in the neighbors yard! LOL!

Tracy said...

Haha! My husband grew up on Cosby, but somehow I missed it. So funny!!