Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching Fireflies . . .for Mom

Remember catching fireflies when you were small? And poking holes in plastic cups? Remember running across freshly mowed grass with a carefree abandon, cupping your hands around dancing yellow lights? Those were the days . . .

This nostalgia warms my heart, much like the whimsical gifts from Catching Fireflies. With Mother's Day quickly approaching, I'd encourage you to stop by and take a peek at their wide variety of unique, stylish gift ideas. They have everything from recycled artwork to personalized jewelry to hand-crafted pewter goods.  Here are my favorites from a.i. paper design:

FOR THE NEW MOM: I've gotten countless compliments on a baby ribbon frame that hangs in my bedroom and reads "little miracle." I know what you're thinking: Not another frame! But these are different; They are handmade, sophisticated and chic- perfect for the modern mom! Look at the one below . . .irresistible!

FOR THE PROUD MOM: You can show off your child's latest and greatest masterpiece and eliminate fridge clutter at the same time. Ingenius! Below is an adorable brag board for your "little Picasso." They can be personalized too!

FOR THE BUSY MOM: Thank God for post-its. I couldn't live without them. Here is a fabulous little post-it holder that actually makes me want to jot down more!  And, always losing your keys? It takes care of that too!  So cute!

I'm a big fan of Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel, but it's the same old stuff after awhile. So head on over to Catching Fireflies, and take a trip down memory lane.  Go ahead . . .brighten someone's day!  


DinnerWithLove said...

I love the Little Picasso art hanger! So adorable! Your Mother's Day gift already shipped, so you'll have to hold out for next year ;)

Mike said...

Good site for Grandma Mike gifts--hint, hint! ( just in case you need ideas!!!)