Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Me Time" for Mom

I have never met a mom who didn't feel the need for "me time." While I am so grateful for the privilege to be a mom, I recognize the need to regularly recharge my batteries. I asked six wonderful women to share a snapshot of how they sneak in a little time for themselves. I think you'll find their thoughts to be funny, authentic, and down-right true! 

I steal free time. Rather than wait for my husband to offer it, I just grab the car keys and announce to whoever might be in the room, "I'm going to a movie!" I then show up at the theater and watch whatever happens to be starting next. In other words, my "me time" is spent with my brain unplugged. Whether it's watching "Deadliest Catch" marathons on Discovery while my husband takes the boys to Best Buy to play Guitar Hero or it's my wandering aimlessly around a movie theater until the nachos run out, I approach my time alone with absolutely no goals other than to zone out and recharge. And maybe gain five pounds while I'm at it.

-Megan, Velveteen Mind

I have learned that no one will give me my "me time" - I have to find it, own it, and protect it. I carve out at least 15 minutes every morning to write or read while drinking a cup of ginger tea or decaf coffee. It is a nice quiet way to start my day before my kids wake up. I also have a weekly mom's night out. My husband picks up my boys from preschool and I have the entire night off. On a monthly basis, I schedule a girl's night out with one or more of my friends. And on an annual basis, I leave my family and go on vacation all by myself. All of these activities honor my needs, passions, and authentic self. "Me time" keeps me balanced and it gives me the mental bandwidth to live my life (on most days) with intention.

-Stacey, Create a Balance

After I put my girls to bed, I immediately change into my yoga clothes and recharge by doing an hour and a half of Ashtanga yoga. Oh wait. That's not it. I mean, I change into my Juicy sweatpants, sit on the couch, drink a glass of wine and watch "Gossip Girl" or "Rescue Me." Yup, that's how I recharge.

-Kelcey, The Mama Bird Diaries

I danced all throughout my childhood, but as I became older, I gave it up. About seven years ago I saw belly dance classes popping up all over Denver and I took a few with different teachers, but I always had a hard time with the schedule. When my son started preschool this past September, I asked the Universe for a teacher because I wanted to dance again. She appeared, and since then I have been dancing 3-4 days a week. I have re-discovered my sensuality, and it certainly doesn't hurt that I am getting in shape. But most importantly belly dance is a woman's dance, and it allows me to reconnect to my true self and to the Goddess. The beauty of this dance is that it is welcoming to women of all shapes, sizes and ages. In fact, dare I say as you get older, you get better.

-Dina, Walking Within the Spiral

One of the ways I find some me time is to lock myself in the bathroom and take a hot bath. My husband will also take my girls out occasionally on a "daddy date," and it's nice to just have some down time to myself to exercise, shop, whatever!

-Blonde Mom Blog

And from the expectant mom:

With only 13 or so weeks left until my first child arrives, my "me time" lately has been spent doing a lot of baby preparations. When I actually have free "me time," my favorite thing to do is to go to a great bookstore on a Saturday morning and peruse the shelves looking for a new read. Once I've chosen a new book (or magazine, depending on my mood), I enjoy heading over to my local coffee shop to have an omelette and read. It always feels like such an indulgence. Taking a couple of quiet hours just for me helps me to recharge. My husband is very "kid friendly," so I'm hoping that after the baby arrives I'll still be able to indulge in my Saturday morning "me time" every once in awhile.



DinnerWithLove said...

A glass of wine and couch time is definitely my idea of a great way to relax!

Anonymous said...

i like the "daddy date" me time, and of course couch and tv time,nothing gets better then that...i'm actually doing it right now :) hehe

Sarah Morris said...

no babies, but i do have a med student and every now and then i have to stop taking care of him and take care of myself for a minute. i love walking around the neighborhood...walks are a throwback to my past and they have always been soothing.

also, a glass of wine never killed anyone! :)

DinnerWithLove said...

Sarah, a med student DEFINITELY counts as a baby, haha. Poor Justin!

Dawn said...

Kelcey's made me snort. In a good way.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Thanks for the link love! This was fun. Usually I am quite the talker but I haven't had enough "me time" lately to think! ;)

This is a great topic for a lot of new moms, but long time moms need to remember they STILL need time to indulge themselves. It's a sanity saver!

Stacey / Create a Balance said...

Thanks for including me with this great group of women. I agree w/ Jamie, all moms at all stages need "me time". We may be moms, but we are also so much more.

Jenni Jiggety said...

Oh yes....I relate to A LOT of those!

joanna said...

As requested here is the link to my post from today:

Funny how we were on the same topic - must be the time of year, all the end of school year activities, etc. My "me time" is every Friday when I sit at my desk and write or work on my business. I don't allow myself much out of the house, complete brainless time, but I know it is essential and I have to MAKE the time.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the good reminders. I don't remember what me time is anymore - I need to!!


steadymom said...

My ME time usually involves reading and eating! =) I really enjoy doing both!


ChitChatMom said...

So many great suggestions for "me time". I particularly liked the idea of going to the movies and seeing whatever was playing next... that is truly unplugging your brain for a little down time!