Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's the Little Things . . .

I lose things . . .a lot.  The other day, I found an old lip gloss that I love, stashed in the pocket of Liza's diaper bag. "Lost and Found" is my life; and now that I'm a mom, more seems to be lost than found, including my marbles.  My sister gave me this gloss over 8 years ago (Way past expiration, I know), and I fell in love with the color and light vanilla scent.   It's called "Cutie Pie" by Bloom.  

I'm pretty low-maintenance- a minimalist, I would say- when it comes to beautifying.  I've had the same beauty routine since age 18, with the exception of additional under-eye concealer (Dark circles, I curse you!).  But a new, juicy lip gloss has the power to make my day.  A bit scary, but true.  I feel invigorated and delicious and fun!    

I'm not in the habit of wearing lipstick these days, mostly because my daughter is often poking at my face, squeezing my nose, tugging at my glasses, or twisting my lips.  But when I stumbled upon my old friend, I wiggled and twisted the wand applicator, determined to soak up every last bit of flirtatious fun.  Even though I wasn't heading out on a hot date, I smeared it on, pursing and smacking my lips.  It was just for me, but even still, it felt good.  So good.  

Makeup does have a shelf life, but I just haven't been able to part with this gloss.  What if I never find one as yummy?  Here's the good news (for me): Bloom still makes "Cutie Pie," and hell, I'm going to treat myself; it's the little things that make life sweet.  

Here are some other things that have the power to make my day: fresh-squeezed lemonade, pedicures, homemade cards, flip-flops, a brilliant sunshine, a great book. 

What little thing (other than your kids) makes your day?  


Anonymous said...

flip flops, the first BBQ of the summer, driving with the windows down...few of my favorite things! Glad you found that lip gloss and even happier that they still make it!

A M said...

Yuengling, reese's pieces, and random kitchen tools

DinnerWithLove said...

puppy kisses!

Mary said...

I'm all about the little things! Lip gloss is my favorite cosmetic, and I'm a makeup junkie. I've been trying to find little things to enjoy and appreciate in my home - my garden tub, my big fluffy chair, and my new TV!

mike said...

I love chocolate chip cookies right from the oven, the first arrivals of flowers in the yard, a good song on the radio and most of all a joke and smile shared with Little Liza!