Sunday, April 19, 2009

Go Green Expo NYC

Go Green.  Go Recycle.  Go sustainable.  Go solar powered.  Go this, go that.  It's everywhere.  This weekend I checked out the Go Green Expo in NYC, and I'm back to share some of the highlights!  

Did you know that Alka Seltzer cleans toilets?  Or that lemon and hydrogen peroxide are natural alternatives to bleach?  Featured speaker, Julie Edelman of The Accidental Housewife, put an interesting spin on being green.  Here's the good news:  It's about "being green enough," she said.  "Light green."  Okay, I can do that.  Edelman offered some practical, fun advice on greening your cleaning.  I particularly liked her Alka Seltzer jingle: "Plop, plop.  Fizz, fizz.  Away will go the poop and whizz."

LittleChickieWear had adorable 100% organic cotton onesies and tees:

IAGmedia displayed DVDs, CDs, books, and more that teach kids about caring for our environment.  Let's Go Chipper: Into the Great Outdoors was an iParenting Media Award Winner!  

Good Food Gardens displayed a live outdoor garden system that supports healthy, eco-conscious living.  I WANT ONE!  These gardens promote family cooperation and interdependency.  And with access to their own fresh produce, children develop healthy habits for life . . .love it!  

SodaStream distributed free samples for soda and sparkling water lovers.  It was a delicious alternative to the bottles and cans "that are suffocating our planet."  In fact, the average American consumes 600 cans or bottles of soda and sparkling water each year.  SodaStream boasts less sugar and sugar-free options . . .with fizz.  Santa, please add this to my list!  


Sarah Morris said...

i love the homemade soda maker!!! i think maybe that's a good justin birthday gift... :)

deste said...

You should look into permaculture (permanent agriculture), if you like the garden idea! The main tenet behind permaculture is that all of the plants are interdependent, and the garden becomes entirely self-sustaining after a few years - and you can create a garden on as small or large a scale as you want. It utilizes seven different categories of perennial plants in one guild: supporters (like fruit trees), climbers (vines like tomatoes), diggers (roots, like potatoes), nitrogen fixers (beans), protectors (like cacti or stinky plants like marigolds to keep animals or pests from eating all the food), food, and ground cover. Lots of plants can encompass several of these qualities at once, and you can design a garden to make them all work together to create a sustainable miniature food-producing ecosystem! Right in your backyard! Wahoo!

DinnerWithLove said...

I want one of those soda makers too! Love the plop plop, fizz fizz toilet cleaning method.

Loren said...

This was so much fun to read! Even though my children are older, reading your stories brought back terrific memories and put a wonderful smile on my face. I'm glad you've created this blog... I'll look forward to reading and seeing more. You show great insight, awareness and style! Loren (

turnitupmom said...

Deste, you are brilliant! Is there a site or book you'd recommend about permaculture? Thanks for taking the time to share this :)