Saturday, March 21, 2009

Managing Your Life: One Thing at a Time

Every time I blink, it seems that my daughter is another half-inch taller, learning and growing and discovering the world.  Life's too short to miss out on pointing to the birds or "choo-chooing" when the train whistles through our town.  Still, it's hard to ignore that little voice in my head that's obsessing over dirty dishes, dirty toilets, and dirty laundry (Life would be so much sweeter without dirt!).  As a mom, it's hard to find that middle ground without beating yourself up over the leftover scrambled eggs, now glued to the plate, from this morning's breakfast.  

Sometimes my mental to-do lists are so long, that I do nothing.  I'm literally incapacitated by my seemingly insurmountable lists.  And so I ruminate, wishing I didn't care so darn much about the unimportant stuff.  These days, I am learning to think smaller.  I recently discovered a one-item list notepad (Yup, that's it!), and it's absolutely perfect for a mom like me, not to mention a lot less daunting.  It reads, "I will do one thing today." How liberating!  Now I can breathe.  The sun is shining.  The birds are singing.  I'm off to the park!  

Visit Pretty Bitter to order a pad for yourself.  You deserve to feel empowered!


Anonymous said...

i really enjoyed reading this blog. Even though i do not have a child i related it to school. These next few weeks are going to be very challenging, i must focus on my school work, its my job right now. I can not help but think of all the laundry/cleaning/packing that needs to get done...

I need to breath and remember to not sweat the small stuff.

Keep on writing MJ, ur such an inspiration! love you