Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Gal Pal: Every Woman Needs One

I'm staring down at my toenails right now, speckled in remnants of "Oh So Glam" from the last wedding I attended.  Seriously, these nasty nails need some TLC.  Come to think of it, I could use a little TLC too.  

What's a girl gonna do?  Regis, I'd like to phone a friend.  A gal pal.  That friend who you call when you need a break and a little something to jazz up your day- a new pair of shoes, a foot massage, a cup 'o java.  At the beginning of flip-flop season, I always call my friend Ange: "It's pedi time!"  

It's the best of both worlds: girl bonding and pampering.  And the pampering begins with a "big" decision: Which color will define you for the next few months?  The search for the perfect shade is no small task, as it's never confined to mere color; the actual name is key.    Here's me over-complicating OPI nail polish colors: 

Makes Men Blush. Yeah, not feeling "hot" today. 
Room Service.  Forget room service.  How about a vacation?  A vacation would be nice.  
It's a Doozi, Says Suzi.  Sounds like this afternoon's diaper.
No Room for the Blues.  Like that name, but it's blue.  Can't look at that all summer. 
Twenty Candles on my Cake.  Dream on, honey.  
Kiss on the Chic.  Okay, that's sweet.  Hold that one. 
Senorita Rose-alita.  Oh, reminds me of that Phil Vassar song I love, about high school sweethearts.  Possibility. 
Your Villa or Mine? Villa.  I like that word.  Villa means vacation.  I'm noticing a trend here.  

And so it goes, until I'm forced to choose or Ange shares her polish (yet another reason why I love her).  Then, for an hour, I shirk my mommy responsibilities, sink into a sumptuous leather massage chair, and undergo the transformation to "Senorita Rose-alita." Meanwhile, my gal pal and I dish the latest news- in our lives and in People magazine.  Every woman needs one of those friends who she can call for a little escape- whether that's chatting over a cup of coffee, or under a nail dryer.  



DinnerWithLove said...

I LOVE mani/pedi time with my girlfriends. It's such a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. And it's always funny to pick out a color that you like with a name you like :)

Soap Scent-sations said...

Oh, I could really use some of the girl pamper time too! Senorita Rose-alita I think was a great choice!

C Golightly said...

My girls are going to try a new place (with references) called "Drop and Play" and this Momma is going for a massage. Sometimes it is too hard to schedule with a girlfriend though so I go on my own.

C Golightly said...

Oh, and I do love those OPI names, I would love to hear one of those creative meetings.